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Quality and technology

Technology is characteristic for a good working converter. Rebuilds demands beside knowledge and materials, technology.

We posses the latest equipment designed for:

  • cutting (digital machines CNC),
  • washing (specialist sub- assemblies for washing all areas of systems)
  • welding (double welding process, computer operated)
  • testing (each converter is checked for leaks by immersion)

torque converter parts


Our quality is based not only on latest equipment, but on very efficient work procedures as well.

Prior to each process a an accurate verification of sub- assemblies is carried out. There is no possibility that a converter which should be rebuild has only been washed, as it commonly happens on the market. We guarantee the best service for your safety and satisfaction.
We keep to the highest standards set by multinational companies and foreign experts.


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Our customer are granted a 36 months long guarantee. Without additional questions we will rebuild the device ( after verification) and send it back at the given address within 3 weekdays. Everything for your convenience.

We offer unique products and high quality of service.


torque converter parts